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Wordsearch Geek T-Shirt & Gift CollectionThe Smartasses Signature Wordsearch Geek Collection, which we feel is the best way to show your nerdy friends all the appropriate synonyms and things that apply to them! Dork, Dweeb, Geek, Loser, Misterbigbrain, Nerd, Pocketprotector, Techie… all the nerdy words are circled for them! *All shirts, hats,aprons, and most other products are available to be customized. Dozens more styles and colors are available.

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Smartasses.NetSmartasses Twitter Quote of the Day: “Just heard the news that every Ciss begins with “K”. Who Cnew?”



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The 24×36 Ultimate Word Search Poster!

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The Ultimate Wordsearch Poster

Hounddog & Old Hat - 2 Old 2 Tricky