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Official Star Trek & DC Comics Mousepads For GeeksWhat better place to find funny and sarcastic Mousepads than from Smartasses? Some are snarky, some are gay, some are for geeks, some are licensed official products, some are the word puzzle themes you’ve come to know and love… but all of them are extremely affordable! Click on any picture for a larger view!

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Smartasses.NetSmartasses Twitter Quote of the Day: “It’s still a mystery to me, why my phrase “Real Men Wear Silky Soft Pink Lacy Satin Panties” never really caught on with the boys at the oil rig.”

Wonder Woman Leap Right Mousepad Wonder Woman Retro Flowers Mousepad Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Mousepad
Wonder Woman 1 Wonder Woman 2 Wonder Woman 3
Justice League Mousepad Justice League Of America Issue #6 - Mousepad Wonder Woman Donna Troy Star Background Mousepad
Justice League 1 Justice League 2 WW & Donna
Supergirl Mousepad Batman Mousepad Batman Jumping Mousepad
Supergirl Batman 1 Batman 2
Batman #37 Mousepad Detective Comics #31 Mousepad Batman & Robin Helicopter Mousepad
Batman 3 Batman 4 Batman 5
Green Lantern Corps Mousepad Star Sapphire Mousepad Green Lantern Mousepad
Green Lantern Corps Star Sapphire Green Lantern
Superman Swift Mousepad Superman & Lois Mousepad Superman Tears Through Mousepad
Superman 1 Superman & Lois Superman 2
Superman Krypto Dog Mousepad Black Terror #2 Mousepad Dream Eater Saga - Sexy Sela and Belinda Mousepad
Krypto Black Terror Dream Eater Saga
Sylvester & Tweety Bugs Bunny and Gossamer Donald Duck Face - Mousepad
Sylvester & Tweety Bugs Bunny and Gossamer Donald Duck Face
Star Trek Red Alert Mousepad Star Trek Have A Logical Day Mousepad Mickey Running
Red Alert Logical Day Mickey Running


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